Money ain’t the motive…

In the words of my friend Tyler, The Creator, “Money, money, money, money; money ain’t the motive.” Therewith, I pose the question “What is the motive?” I would say life is the motive. Waking up every day, doing something you love, seeing your loved ones, etc. Yet, as I get older I’m realizing these things aren’t enough to motivate me to keep going. I think to myself, “There has to be more, there has to be something deeper.


Slowly but surely I’m realizing, Love is the motive. Happiness is the motive.

As a youngin, I used to believe happiness was easy and came at a dime a dozen. So not true. One’s happiness is attributed to one’s mental health. I believe that the status of mental health is determined by mental strength.  Being mentally strong is being confident, secure, and stable. Being mentally strong means being able to shift gears effectively. By shifting gears I mean muting your left-brain functions and letting the right-brain take full control.

We need motivation; some people rely on their children, significant others, or concrete goals to motivate them. These things definitely hold a place within motives, but I believe we have to go beyond the surface to achieve true self-freedom.

Happiness is the motive.

Love always,





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