I’m just too much for you…

When I was younger I realized I used to always say “You can’t handle me.”; without even knowing what I was really saying. Now, that I am twenty-four and experienced I am grateful of my intuitive young mind.

Men can be very manipulative and controlling. They woo us by being an excellent balance of gentlemen and roughneck in the beginning. More than likely we have a potential man in our corner who is taking his time to truly get to know you as a woman and takes pride in courting you. Meanwhile, this anything ass nigga in a King disguise is so persistent; he demands your attention and you give it to him because you’ve quickly forgotten how Mr. Right is a real gentleman. The fake King clouds our vision with his luscious beard, gold fronts, Jordans, sagging pants, etc. The fake King fits our childhood image of the man we described while playing  Telephone around the way.

Friend: “Hey Chelle, Your boyfriend on the phone!”
Me: “Oooo that’s my man. Got damn. He want it all night, alright. Imma ride him like my bike!”


Our subconscious mind tries to remind us that Mr.Right is just that, right. He excites your intuition, your creativity, and holistic thoughts. While the fake King seems right because he fits your ideals. Ideals aren’t real. So, fast-forward a few months and you find yourself in this thing  with the fake King, which isn’t even a relationship. Your body is happily married to his while your mind couldn’t be more disappointed in you. You have lost your sense of self-worth. You let him in your heart and womb rent-free while you have forgotten about what truly matters; YOU! Your happiness, your life, your goals, your dreams, your hair, your yoga, your health, your family, and on the low…Mr. Right.

So my fellow queens if you are currently dealing with a fake King dust off your crown,  evaluate your happiness, state of mind, and well-being. Only certain men are ready for a true queen.


Don’t settle, know your worth.

– Only One 👑



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