Working for the man while working for yoself

Until I have a coin of my absolute own, I must grind out at my 9-5. Working 40 hours a week and maintaining a brand is probably just as hard as college. I lied; NOTHING is as hard as college.

I really appreciate my job, but it is so hard to get up in the morning. At first it used to just be every now and then; Currently I extremely loathe the mundane routine of putting on clothes I don’t want to wear (even when I do find something to wear I have to be cognizant of the office dress code), sitting in traffic, going to meetings that should be emails, and not to mention sometimes working overtime because we have a deadline to meet. Did I mention as an entry level employee I do NOT get compensated for overtime? Oh.


So I do this every damn day Monday through Friday and still have to find time for my writing, editing visuals, producing events, working on establishing my 501 c3, being a mother an aunt, a supportive girlfriend, and doing freelance PR work. After an eight and a half hour day all I want to do is possibly work out and SLEEP.

They say what don’t kill you will make you stronger but I don’t feel any stronger. I’m really battling with trying to find a healthy balance between the plantation and my real job.

How do I conserve the energy and brain power to work when I get off work?!

The journey of young adulthood continues.

-Love Always, Only One.

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