Dieting is like a 9-5; I only do it M-F

I’m having a bit of a struggle a hard ass time with trying to be healthy adult.


The thing is I really enjoy “healthy food”. Salads, salmon, sushi, avocados, fresh veggies, tofu, etc. BUT, Popeyes calls my name at the highest frequency usually on a Friday.

I love myself, but I’m currently not happy with my body image. I seem to keep losing and gaining the same ten pounds. Gosh; call me ignorant but I NEVER thought it would be this much work! God, like If I read one more nutrition label or count another calorie I’m going to scream!

Exercising is like math homework and dieting is like the test you have to take on a Friday that’s gonna fcuk up your weekend because your constantly stressing about if you’ve worked off enough calories! Then the weekend comes and I want to have cheat days. I always want like five Eggos with all the syrup followed by a bacon cheeseburger for lunch. Nevertheless, I will continue on my journey to “going as skinny” as my family says, and being a happy healthy adult.

Love Always,

Only One.

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