Don’t call it a comeback

After a lonnggggg hiatus from blogging, I am FINALLY back in my groove!

You may remember me as The Sports Chelle. (if not its cool) In 2013 I began my blogging journey. I blogged about the culture of sports, current sports news, and athletes on the rise. On my “Athlete Spotlight”section of the blog I promoted upcoming outstanding athletes from ages 8 to 28. I thought to myself, in a way I was practicing public relations for these guys; scheduling interviews, promoting, coordinating photoshoots, obtaining exposure, the whole nine.


Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.19.42 AM

After about a year and a half of success I went through a dry spell of obtaining new features and I came to point of frustration and depression. So I prayed, meditated, and had a serious conversation with myself and decided to start getting back to writing. After a  few months of writing everyday, reading, researching, and enjoying some serious me time; I was back to my old self.


As I entered my final year in college I felt more prepared than ever! I took two back to back 18 credit semesters, endured two internships, and working a David’s Bridal; I FINALLY GRADUATED! I earned my bachelors of science degree in Mass Communications at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA. My college experience was quite amazing to say the least. I was ready to hit the ground running; and thats exactly what I did.


Count the Crown Public Relations Management was founded in summer of 2014. My mission is to provide a public relations experience. My goal is to guide talented individuals on their journey of discovering their nobility; portraying themselves as eminent citizens enlightening others through artistic expression. As a public relations professional my job is to provide clients with a precise strategy in order to uproot their career and mold their brand positively while allowing the client to remain artistically sovereign. I believe in business friendship, collaboration, transparency, and accountability. With patience, persistence, and a little risk taking, success is inevitable with Count the Crown Public Relations Management.

Currently I represent a few musical artist, as well as one black girl beauty brand. I am a writer first so through this blog, I plan to keep you all updated with my self-conversations, events, what I’m working on for my folks, as well as Crown apparel.

I am here to spread positive vibrations, love and light for all to enjoy!

Love always,

-Only One.

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