New year, new inner me.

I can’t believe it’s 2017 already. It feels like I was just wearing training bras yesterday. Nevertheless, here I am; almost twenty-five with a college degree and a whole lot of street smarts. Each year we grow mentally, but I’m learning that we must grow emotionally and spiritually as well. There are many levels to growth and sometimes more than prayer and experience are needed to grow.

In order to grow, we must vibrate higher. The earth is fueled by vibrations. The most beautiful vibrations created from the earth come in the form of crystals, stones, and gems. I’ve established a morning ritual (that I’m trying to remain consistent with) which involves aligning my chakras and meditating. I use the stones pictured below to assist me in my morning ritual. The stones pictured are:

  • Amethyst (clear purple stone): Awakener of the third eye. Develops intuition and awareness. Facilitates meditation, calming, and tranquility.
  • Kyanite Jade (dark green stone, appears black): Creates harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Heals and opens the heart chakra. Also, helps instill prosperity and wealth into all areas of your life.
  • Nephrite Jade (green and blue spotted stone): Stimulates all senses, increases life force energy. Used as a good-luck talisman in many cultures. Also, helps open the heart chakra.
  • Citrine (clear amber stone): Stone of light, happiness, and abundance. The most powerful gemstone for manifestation and helping you achieve your goals. Attracts wealth and prosperity.



Meditating in the morning just before the sun rises gives me a burst of energy and pure joy. I feel like I can do anything and accomplish all of my daily goals. It’s a great assist in adulting. I encourage everyone to establish a morning ritual of your own to help you feel brighter and better.

I wish you peace, positivity, and prosperity today and every day.

– Crown 👑

Money ain’t the motive…

In the words of my friend Tyler, The Creator, “Money, money, money, money; money ain’t the motive.” Therewith, I pose the question “What is the motive?” I would say life is the motive. Waking up every day, doing something you love, seeing your loved ones, etc. Yet, as I get older I’m realizing these things aren’t enough to motivate me to keep going. I think to myself, “There has to be more, there has to be something deeper.


Slowly but surely I’m realizing, Love is the motive. Happiness is the motive.

As a youngin, I used to believe happiness was easy and came at a dime a dozen. So not true. One’s happiness is attributed to one’s mental health. I believe that the status of mental health is determined by mental strength.  Being mentally strong is being confident, secure, and stable. Being mentally strong means being able to shift gears effectively. By shifting gears I mean muting your left-brain functions and letting the right-brain take full control.

We need motivation; some people rely on their children, significant others, or concrete goals to motivate them. These things definitely hold a place within motives, but I believe we have to go beyond the surface to achieve true self-freedom.

Happiness is the motive.

Love always,





I’m just too much for you…

When I was younger I realized I used to always say “You can’t handle me.”; without even knowing what I was really saying. Now, that I am twenty-four and experienced I am grateful of my intuitive young mind.

Men can be very manipulative and controlling. They woo us by being an excellent balance of gentlemen and roughneck in the beginning. More than likely we have a potential man in our corner who is taking his time to truly get to know you as a woman and takes pride in courting you. Meanwhile, this anything ass nigga in a King disguise is so persistent; he demands your attention and you give it to him because you’ve quickly forgotten how Mr. Right is a real gentleman. The fake King clouds our vision with his luscious beard, gold fronts, Jordans, sagging pants, etc. The fake King fits our childhood image of the man we described while playing  Telephone around the way.

Friend: “Hey Chelle, Your boyfriend on the phone!”
Me: “Oooo that’s my man. Got damn. He want it all night, alright. Imma ride him like my bike!”


Our subconscious mind tries to remind us that Mr.Right is just that, right. He excites your intuition, your creativity, and holistic thoughts. While the fake King seems right because he fits your ideals. Ideals aren’t real. So, fast-forward a few months and you find yourself in this thing  with the fake King, which isn’t even a relationship. Your body is happily married to his while your mind couldn’t be more disappointed in you. You have lost your sense of self-worth. You let him in your heart and womb rent-free while you have forgotten about what truly matters; YOU! Your happiness, your life, your goals, your dreams, your hair, your yoga, your health, your family, and on the low…Mr. Right.

So my fellow queens if you are currently dealing with a fake King dust off your crown,  evaluate your happiness, state of mind, and well-being. Only certain men are ready for a true queen.


Don’t settle, know your worth.

– Only One 👑



Send Nudes

I like to refer to myself as an “avant-garder”. Everyday I have visions and monthly I encourage force myself to release my creative energy through production; weather it be a live experience or videography. This time my creative energy came in the form of my Send Nudes semi-crop tees. The t-shirts come in two color ways, “caramel complected” and “ebony essence. Click here to check out the promo visual for Crown apparel and purchase some fly ish. Thanks for your continued support.

Love, Crown